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A free secure remote access solution that requires ZERO hardware or software installation

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Many businesses are turning to VPN services and remote access software tools to ensure continued remote productivity in a secure environment.

Cloudbric’s Remote Access Solution is our answer to a cloud-based, secure remote working solution for businesses.

A few set of changes is all that’s required to enable remote working for both businesses and employees. Cloudbric’s Remote Access Solution does not require additional software installation like other traditional VPNs.

Key Features & Benefits:

  1. Secure access to work environment, from anywhere

  2. Zero downloads, Zero installations

  3. Quick and easy set-up: get started in minutes

  4. A secure proxy connection with end-to-end encryption

  5. FREE USE for a limited time

Cloudbric’s Remote Access Solution connects users to their workplace by sending all traffic through a secure and encrypted connection.

Only validated and authenticated users will be able to access your company information and data, regardless of device or access location.

Our Story & COVID-19 Cybersecurity

COVID-19 and Remote Access

The COVID-19 pandemic has directly affected our lives all around the world, not only the way we live but also the way we work. Many businesses are having to rely on telecommuting, forcing their employees to remotely access corporate networks.

Perils of Remote Working

However, remote working or remote access during COVID-19 has opened up many vulnerabilities in cyberspace—holes hackers may exploit. Hasty, un-safe implementation of some remote access solutions forced businesses to open up their networks.

Shift in the Cybersecurity Landscape

The best solution that deter COVID-19 hackers from gaining access through remote access solutions involve secure connections and encrypted traffic. To address this, some companies are looking into implementing a traditional VPN, but find it extremely frustrating and cumbersome due to special software installation requirements, both on the client and the server side.

Hassle-free Secure Remote Access

Cloudbric offers a remote access solution that requires zero installations on either the client or the server side. Based on Cloudbric’s proven security technology, Cloudbric Remote Access Solution provides an easy answer for you.

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