Remote Access

A Simple & Secure Way to Connect

Cloudbric Remote Access Solution is a simple and secure way to connect for any organization. Whether you’re looking for remote working solutions for employees, ways to remotely connect to web applications, or access private networks securely—we have a hassle-free answer to your cybersecurity needs.

Simple & Secure

No Extra Installations Required
3 Layers of Proven Security

From Us, to You

At Cloudbric, where security is taken most seriously, our team members required something more than a simple VPN for remote access and remote working. That is why we made an in-house remote access solution readily available for our teammates—for a securer connection from a remote location. As many of our partners and clients around the world moved towards full-time remote workforces, especially during the pandemic, they became very keen on using the same solution. With more inquiries and calls for a public release, Cloudbric decided to launch Remote Access Solution to support those in need. Remote Access Solution allows users to access the private corporate network using various devices, whenever, wherever. The solution, simply, provides a cloud-based, secure channel for users to remotely access the data or applications on the web server within the Private Network.

Cloudbric's Answer to Secure Remote Working

The core of Remote Access Solution is our 3-Layer Security consisting of Traffic Monitoring, User Authentication, and Hack Prevention. Traffic Monitoring detects and blocks common web-based threats including cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and even DDoS attacks. This provides a higher level of security for companies as Cloudbric monitors all traffic between the user and the web server after the traffic passes through the preliminary security layer. User Authentication allows only those with a pre-approved credential to access the private network, with an additional two-factor authentication (2FA) to verify the users. This allows limited access to sensitive data on the servers, especially proving effective against malicious hackers using man-in-the-middle attacks or exploiting other vulnerabilities of traditional VPNs. Hack Prevention, as its name suggests, provides defense against various hacks including intrusion attempts using malicious bots or Malicious IPs (black-listed IPs). Additionally, all traffic that passes through the 3-Layer Security is encrypted automatically.

Quick and Easy to Set-up

Users of the cloud-based Remote Access Solution can access the corporate private network anytime, anywhere through a web browser without any installing any hardware or software. Simply put, Remote Access Solution provides a cloud-based, secure channel for users to remotely access the data or applications on the web server within the Private Network. The solution is equipped with additional security features that block out hacking attempts and DDoS attacks—previously unavailable on traditional VPN solutions.

Versus Other VPNs

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) typically operates by establishing a secure connection by creating an encrypted tunnel between the user and the VPN’s web server. Many businesses turn to enterprise VPN solutions to allow employees to establish a secure encrypted connection in the remote work environment. However, VPNs are exposed to the internet and can become compromised. Unauthorized hackers, for example, can exploit web servers and applications without any deterrence once they have gained access. Cloudbric’s Remote Access Solution not only prevents unauthorized users from accessing private networks, but also monitors all traffic so threats can be blocked even within the network.

Hassle-Free solution for enterprises

Cloudbric Remote Access Solution requires no additional installation of software or hardware on either the client side or the server side, unlike other remote working solutions such as VPNs. Every security layer of the Remote Access Solution is on the cloud, and thus requires no infrastructural resource from the user or network. Set-up is as easy as it can be—it’s a matter of changing DNS settings on the web server and providing user credentials. In minutes, users can access corporate web servers or other private networks remotely. Did we mention Cloudbric Remote Access Solution is provided for free?

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