Personal Cryptosecurity

Cryptobric is the first step in realizing a comprehensive cloud-based secure web gateway (SWG) for mobile over cloud - with a specialty in protecting cryptocurrency users.

SWG acts as a built-in filter against malicious websites (or other harmful sources)users may come across when surfing the web. For Cryptobric, the SWG would be accessed via virtual private network (VPN) and hosted on cloud with nodes available around the world.

This is being done over 3 phases:

Beta Testing Q3 2019

Initially tested Cryptobric app to CLB token holders. App has been tested for mobile security via threat detection and app scanning.

Node & VPN Q3 2020

The pre-cursor to the SWG, the node and VPN protects devices the same way Cloudbric's SWAP protects websites.

Wallet TBA

The development and launch plans for a wallet to enable storage and usage of CLB tokens is currently underway.