Bridging blockchain and cybersecurity

In early 2018, Cloudbric successfully launched a blockchain subsidiary organization to bring enterprise security experience and knowledge to the cryptocurrency space.

Moreover, using our wealth of security experience related to web applications, servers and mobile devices, Cloudbric actively protects cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets and websites.

Watch our video to learn more.

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Our Threat Data Integrated to Your Security Platform

Cloudbric collects threat data from our SWAP, mobile security service and our deep learning engine, VISION as well as community-generated contributions.

SMBs and enterprises can easily integrate this threat data to their existing security solutions via our APIs to better their solutions.

Blockchain Nodes Across 25+ Service Regions

To quickly decentralize threat data, Cloudbric plans to deploy an InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to safely store and verify emerging threat data (such as hash values) across all our global data centers.

These nodes will be fully secured by Cloudbric’s enterprise SWAP security system.

Get unlimited access to our threat data

Enterprises interested in gaining access to our threat data will need to purchase APIs with CLB tokens.

CLB can be purchased on Coinone, Bitsdaq, Bitforex, and BitSonic.


Cloudbric’s deep learning engine, VISION, is integrated with our SWAP filtering system to provide one of the most accurate and low false positive rated solutions on the market.

Experience AI in action from your security dashboard when logging in.