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See how our proprietary technology protects websites around the world while keeping everything simple yet effective.

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Award Winning Web Application Protection

Recognized & trusted by more than 10,000 enterprises and small businesses spanning 25+ countries.

Flexible Response

Deployment possible for any infrastructure

Retaining Expertise

Enterprise-grade cloud web application protection customization and protection against the OWASP top 10

Extensive Experience

Over 20 years of enterprise information security experience

Real-Time Security Analysis with the Cloudbric Dashboard

Real-time cybersecurity that’s made with the customer in mind. We’ve taken out the complicated tech jargon and made our dashboard accessible to all.

Intuitive UI

Check your traffic and attacks in real-time through our intuitive dashboard.

Deep Learning System

Our COCEP engine integrates a machine learning platform, VISION, to increase detection accuracy over time.

Monthly Reports

Download customized monthly security reports and gain insight into how your website is being protected.


  • aws
  • linode
  • plesk
  • xneelo
  • gmo
  • penta

The Most Advanced Web Application Protection

Integrating a proprietary artificial intelligence and a logic-based detection engine, see how SWAP can protect your business.
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