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See how our proprietary technology protects websites around the world while keeping everything simple yet effective.

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Award Winning Web Application Protection

Recognized & trusted by more than 10,000 enterprises and small businesses spanning 25+ countries.

Flexible Response

Deployment possible for any infrastructure

Retaining Expertise

Enterprise-grade cloud web application protection customization and protection against the OWASP top 10

Extensive Experience

Over 20 years of enterprise information security experience

Real-Time Security Analysis with the Cloudbric Dashboard

Real-time cybersecurity that’s made with the customer in mind. We’ve taken out the complicated tech jargon and made our dashboard accessible to all.

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Intuitive UI

Check your traffic and attacks in real-time through our intuitive dashboard.

Deep Learning System

Our COCEP engine integrates a machine learning platform, VISION, to increase detection accuracy over time.

Monthly Reports

Download customized monthly security reports and gain insight into how your website is being protected.


  • aws
  • linode
  • plesk
  • xneelo
  • gmo
  • penta

The Most Advanced Web Application Protection

Integrating a proprietary artificial intelligence and a logic-based detection engine, see how SWAP can protect your business.
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